Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Atom Boy Trailer

Atom Boy Movie
Astro Boy is actually known as Tetsuwan Atomu in Japan, literally Mighty Atom, but so the real name of the robot boy is actually Atom boy.

So here below a gorgeous Japanese teaser trailer of Astro Boy, er I mean Atom Boy:

When it's about electronics and about robot Japan is a pioneer, and that's true too in marketing its product: there no denying that this teaser trailer of Astro Boy is from far the best footage seen so far!
Astro Boy or Atom BoyI'd like to say give command of the international marketing team promoting Astro Boy to the Japanese team: they definitely know how to sale Astro Boy!


Anonymous said...

I know nothing about "Atom Boy," but I saw this on a whim on the Kadokawa movie site, and after seeing that trailer...I'm definitely going to have to see what I've been missing.