Saturday, March 28, 2009

Astro Boy Movie Trailer

A new movie trailer of Astro Boy in being shown in theaters:


Meet the boy built for adventure!

Have a blast


This movie by Imagi is definitely not a dark vision of Astro Boy. No doubt left by now. But still I'm impressed by the quality of this Astro Boy movie: the CGI is awesome.

I think that Astro Boy will perform well in theaters but even better later on DVD and Blu Ray: that would be a great gift for kids!


Steven Marr said...

Nooooo... "great gift for kids?" cmon! the people that grew up on this stuff are in our 20's and up... and the original stories are amazing! this movie looks like a total hackjob just butchered everything astroboy was. The CGI makes it look like a disney's kids film. Tezuka must be rolling over in his grave after seeing astroboys sister with black layered hair with purple highlights... gaaah. huge disapointment.

CaSs said...

Well of course they are going to modernise it with CGI, it will attract a whole new viewing audience, and if that means purple highlights in someones hair, so be it!
I also believe Tezuka's son over looked the whole production of this film to ensure they didn't wander too far from the original story line, so I doubt he's rolling too much. I'm sure he'd be happy to know that another generation are going to be introduced to Astro Boy and be able to enjoy his story.
I am looking forward to seeing this on the large screen!

Anonymous said...

I think the girl is just a friend.